This cat saved the lives of 14 kittens

Izabelle is a mother-courage: not only did she support her own little ones, but she also saved the lives of kittens who were not hers.

When Izabelle arrived at the Animal Care Centers in New York, she was in a cardboard box, surrounded by 14 cats babies! More surprising: most kittens were not his, but those of two other kittens who had given birth at the same time. But these two other females did not want to feed their young, so it was Izabelle who took care of this mission.

If Izabelle took care of these kittens like hers, she was nevertheless very tired when the staff Animal Care Centers has taken care of it. " She was exhausted, dehydrated and too thin ," said one of the shelter's leaders at LoveMeow . It must be said that breastfeeding 14 kittens is not nothing!

The help of the shelter staff was therefore welcome. In contact with these humans, Izabelle was very docile and affectionate She knew that they were there to take over.

The four oldest kittens were already weaned . The largest and the smallest were transferred to a foster family to be fed by syringe. Izabelle, she continued to watch over eight kittens.

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