This cat sails with his deaf master and becomes his ears at sea

Skatty is much more than Paul's faithful companion. This boating enthusiast made him the deputy commander of his boat, on which he sails the waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Paul J. Thompson became deaf in his childhood after contracting rubella. This has never prevented him from leading a normal life but when he gets out, hearing is a sense he may miss. To accompany him in life and at sea, this passionate navigational computerist welcomed Strauss von Skattebol of RebelPawz, aka Skatty , a sublime Maine Coon white and red with the distinction of being polydactyl (he is with several "thumbs")


The cat very quickly understood the handicap of his master and not only developed another means of communication than the meow but he has given himself the task of informing him when he hears his cell ringing, when someone is at the door or when an abnormal noise is heard.

Second Commander on Board

Once on the waves, aboard La Chica, which Paul built himself, the ball of hair continues this role and becomes the ears of his human. Thanks to his highly developed hearing, Skatty tells him when he hears sounds and their provenance, for example, another boat approaching, and his animal instinct allows him to feel potential dangers . At home on land as well as at sea, the matou follows his master wherever he goes, whether in the cabin or on the deck.

For his part, the sailor is happy to teach him the BA-BA of navigation. Together, they live magnificent adventures around New Zealand, exploring the ocean and the surrounding islands. The duo completes perfectly and shares this passion for the great sea air. Paul could not dream of a better traveling companion.

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