This cat breeds this orphan kitten as if it were his!

A small kitten of a few days was found by students in a garbage bin of a college in Seine-et-Marne. The tiny feline could have died in general indifference, but fate has decided otherwise...

When students heard little cries from a bin

from their college, they did They did not imagine what they would find there: a little kitten, only a few days old, still alive. Annoyed by this discovery, they entrusted the animal to the secretaries of the establishment, and the latter took him to the vet. The kitten was not more than two weeks old. So he needed baby bottles every two hours, and care. This was not compatible with the secretaries' schedule. Through word-of-mouth, they finally gave the kitten, named Chaussette, to Isabelle, " known for his love of animals


The kitten has found an adoptive mother L history could have stopped there but it took a surprising turn. When Isabelle brought Sock home, her own cat Choupette was giving birth . "At once, she heard it, she answered her meows and harassed me until I gave her the baby," says Isabelle at AllCreatureAnimalClinic

. Immediately, Chaussette began to suck Choupette But half an hour later, the little Choupette was born lifeless. It is finally Chaussette who took the place of his son. "As soon as she arrived, Choupette took charge of her and adopted her as her baby,

she did not leave him, suckle, wash, coax and warm him up," continues Isabelle. Today, " Sock is going very well, he is alive and calm , assures the happy mistress. It is a resourceful kitten and very beautiful, black and white, with a beautiful drawing on the face in the shape of heart ". When weaned, Chaussette will be offered for adoption. To meet and adopt him, you can contact Isabelle at 06 75 23 01 78 or by email at

. It is located in Champs-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne)

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