This cat is wearing a little sweater for a very good reason

Arlo is an adorable kitten with an incredible sense of style. But if he wears little sweaters, it's for a very specific reason.

Aged only 13 weeks, Arlo is a small star on social networks. Not only because of his lovely face, but also because of his fashionable look. Because Arlo is not quite a kitten like the others, it is a kitten who wears small jumpers . But for a good reason

Little sweaters for Arlo

eden on Twitter

But why is this little cat wearing sweaters? According to his young mistress, Arlo wears jumpers because he can not stand the air conditioning when it's too hot . So that he does not get cold, his mistress has decided to make him pullovers to be warm. Since then, the kitten has become the king of fashion! It is also he who decides the colors of his future sweaters that are handmade with clothes to be donated. The cat catches the sweaters by the sleeves and takes them to his mistress.

Fan of his sweaters, Arlo loves to be warm as we can see on his Instagram account where he is already a small star .

"Arlo is a very affectionate and adorable cat. He is very curious, does not fear external noises, loves to play and chew on his toys. He also loves cuddling and meowing.

Instagram post by Arlo

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