This cat has a very (very) special passion

The least we can say is that Milo is one of a kind.

Milo is not quite a cat like any other. Instead of enjoying hunting birds, he has a passion of his own: he loves to hunt sponges.

"Most cats bring back mice or birds, ours prefers to bring back sponges!

A cat very proud of him (and his sponges)

Obviously, whenever the handsome Milo brings a sponge to his masters he seems particularly proud of him and does not hide his happiness! As for knowing where these sponges can come from, nobody knows for sure, but it's a safe bet that misses some sponges in the neighborhood !

The most fun in this The story is that Milo did not throw away the sponge only once, but several times. A real passion . And when he does not pursue sponges, Milo loves to hang out in his house and spend long hours napping in the warmth.

A cat like the others finally! And yours, he hunts weird things too?

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