This cat has traveled more than 1000 kilometers to find his family

Full of mystery, Cookie's story is also filled with hope, for all those whose pet has disappeared. That's 18 months that this pretty black and white cat was terribly missing to his mistress . Originally from Calvados, Dan Bouchery had lost track of his tomcat in Grasse, in the Alpes-Maritimes, where she spent three months at the beginning of 2013. The feline was then only 10 months old.

"I was sick, besides I was hospitalized six days in Grasse" she entrusts to Nice Matin , newspaper in which she had also made an announcement. But the research was unsuccessful, and Dan Bouchery had to go home to Beaumont-en-Auge.

On August 26, the author of poems received the phone call she no longer believed. A veterinarian from Orbec, a village about thirty kilometers from home, recovered the cat and identified his mistress with his microchip. "It's a lady who brought her, he was emaciated and dirty " she says

"I'm dazzled and admiring what he did"

But Dan Bouchery had to wait several more weeks... Because the woman who found Cookie went on vacation with the animal! "She wanted to keep it, but the gendarmerie asked her to give it back to me and finally, I got it back on October 14," she says.

Since her return, Cookie still does not stay in place and passes her time to walk in the Normandy countryside, but he goes home every night.

He can unfortunately never tell his mistress what happened to him during these long months, and how he could cross the country for to find his Normandy. "Like wild geese, I think it's oriented through the stars, walking at night and sleeping during the day." Some doubt what I'm saying, but I do not come back. C ' is an extraordinary cat , who has character, certainly, but easy.I am dazzled and admiring of what he has done, like what you should never despair... and suck his animal "says Dan Bouchery who would do well to this story a children's story. "But I do not want to betray the reality of history either," she explains.