This cat has traveled 19 km to find his family, but the following is upsetting

Toby asked only of love...

Because they did not want him anymore, Toby's masters - an adorable ball of red hair - decided to place him in another house. But the tomcat had decided otherwise and walked almost 20 kilometers to find the house of his masters , the one where he had lived for many years.

Unfortunately for Toby, the welcome n ' was not the most warm. On the contrary, his former masters decided to take him directly to the nearest shelter, and asked that he be euthanized as soon as possible .

A new chance for Toby

Of course, the shelter simply refused this request and contacted another shelter so that Toby could be taken care of. Once comfortably settled in his new shelter, Toby was able to show how he was a loving and endearing cat A real little love ball just waiting to be loved.

The shelter has quickly posted an ad for the beautiful Toby and a few days ago, a family came to visit him. Last Friday, Toby was officially adopted and was able to join his new family for life where he has another cat friend and a little human .

A new life surrounded by love is now waiting for Toby who the merit good!

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