This cat has a passion really (but really) very strange (Video)

You'll never guess which one!

On the Internet, cats are kings and there are many videos revealing the exploits of this or that animal, for our greatest pleasure.

The cat we are about to talk about today belongs to a Youtube user nicknamed Ragekolb and he has a passion of his own. That's why his human decided to film him in action to reveal to the world the favorite occupation of his cat.

A big fan of plastic

What it cat loves it all, it's licking the plastic rods of the blinds from his house. Here. To do this, it is placed between the window and the awning and begins to lick, for long minutes, without moving. Which obviously gives a very amusing result in video since we only see small bits of the cat.

The story does not say if this cat likes to lick all kinds of plastic or if he is satisfied with the blinds.

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