This cat has only two legs but it moves impressively

Anakin is a small miracle. Born without hind legs and delivered to himself in the wilderness when he was only a kitten, he learned to fend for himself and found a way to move easily despite his disability.

Anakin was born without pelvis and hind legs . However, this handicap has never prevented him from living like any cat! Her human discovered it with amazement when she decided to save it a little more than 4 years ago. He was still a kitten and came to feed with other stray cats near the work of his father. Carrie immediately fell for this ball of black and white hair delivered to herself but quickly realized that she was far from defenseless since the day she wanted to catch him, the kitty saved on both feet.

A true equilibrist

She was able to approach him, take him in his arms and take him home the next day and after a few hours, Anakin had already got used to his new house. There, she again impressed her mistress with her moving technique, balancing on her front legs. Even the vet where Carrie took him did not come back.

A beautiful big cat

Growing up, Anakin perfected this technique, especially thanks to his tail which became very long and fluffy and whose movements allow him to maintain his balance when he moves.

Today, he is as agile and fast as any cat and lives the good life alongside from Carrie who made her a star on social networks. In addition to being beautiful with his long hair and large golden green eyes, he is really impressive. A real acrobat daily!

Instagram post by Anakin Two Legged Cat

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