This cat has a heartbreaking reaction after the death of the family dog ​​

Hard not to shed a tear.

Scout The cat and Charlie the dog have always been inseparable from their first meeting. When Scout arrived in her family, she immediately began to follow Charlie absolutely everywhere . The two friends quickly became the best friends in the world. Charlie was then ten years old.

Not only Scout the cat and Charlie the dog both spent their time, but they also liked to share their meals and sleep together! And even though Charlie was much bigger than Scout, he was always very careful not to hurt his best friend.

But unfortunately, nothing is everlasting ...

A difficult separation

With cancer, Charlie died after several months of a tough fight against the disease. A death that totally upset Scout. Despite the time, Scout was every day a little more devastated by the absence of his best friend.

Not knowing how to react, the Scout masters then decided to find a solution. That's how they thought about installing a tablet in Charlie's old basket. On the tablet, Scout could watch old videos of his dog boyfriend.

Seeing Charlie's videos, Scout came snuggling up to the tablet, as if his friend was there, next to her

It will take several months for Scout to learn how to play alone and not to suffer from Charlie's absence. One day, the Scout masters decided to surprise him by bringing a puppy home. This is how Scout got to know Oswald. And if their friendship is not the same as that shared by Scout and Charlie, they have their own habits.

A new friendship has emerged, and it's hot for the heart .

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