This cat has found his family 14 years after his death

For years now this family from Iowa, in the United States, did not expect to see Ralph again, his beloved cat. The tomcat, who arrived in their home 3 years earlier, died on a sad day in 2001, and never came back.

How can I imagine seeing Ralph again in the arms of his young man 14 years later? And however, that's what happened

Found thanks to its microchip

It's the association Animal Rescue League Of Iowa that tells this incredible story. And if this reunion was possible, it is thanks to the chip that carries the cat Ralph . The life of the family has changed a lot in these 14 years. She moved, changed phone number... The contact was not easy. But the shelter staff who collected the cat was not discouraged.

When they received the call they had not believed in for so long, Ralph's humans at first thought it was a mistake, they who have not had another cat since his death

Ralph was in a sad state when he arrived at the shelter. Sick, covered with parasites and very thin, he received all the care he needed to recover health and appetite after his wandering. He's already getting better.

Ralph's story proves that you must never lose hope!

His family is taking care of him now. Little by little, Ralph is learning to eat again, but he still has to take supplements every two hours.

" I'm so happy that he can finish his life with me, not somewhere in the street, and to be able to make sure that it will have a beautiful end of life "confided Jill, who was 8 years old when his dear companion with 4 legs disappeared. Ralph had been offered to her at Christmas and it is at her place that he will end his days, as it should be.