This cat had to be amputated after being caught in a normally forbidden trap

After being caught in an animal trap, a cat named Oreo was amputated.

Sad story that took place on May 17 on the island of Anglesey . A cat named Oreo found himself stuck in a trap yet totally forbidden . This trap, intended to capture animals, is legal to own, but not to use.

Saved by a neighbor

The trap - @RSPCA

While the cat was trying desperately to break free from this trap , a neighbor came to his rescue. To release Oreo, the latter had to use a clamp that serves to cut the bolts. Once the cat was free, the man immediately took him to the vet for examination. Unfortunately, Oreo's injuries were too great and his leg could not be saved. The cat was amputated

But without the help of this neighbor, the injuries of Oreo could have been much worse ...

The local SPA has and already initiated a investigation to obtain information about this dark history.

"It is forbidden to use these traps because they can cause horrible suffering to animals, such as only cats, "says a member of the SPA.

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