This cat born with two noses was going to be euthanized, but a miracle happened (Video)

Memphis had a lot of luck...

Memphis is a cute one year old cat who has the distinction of being born with two noses. When Tara Key - of The Odd Cat Sanctuary - heard about him, he was going to be euthanized by a shelter in Massachusetts because no one wanted to give this guy a chance like no other

A new start for Memphis

Immediately, Tara volunteered to take Memphis home and give her a new chance, much to the relief of her previous masters who had no other choice than abandon. A true miracle for this cat that no one wanted.

"He was born with a deformed palate, a cleft lip and some deformities on his face. But his two noses are functional and he snores even a little!

But despite its differences, Memphis lives a perfectly normal life and is even the most adorable cat.

Now safe, Memphis is ready to meet his new family for life and will be proposed for adoption next week. We bet that he will make his new family very happy as he is happy and affectionate.

Below, you can discover Memphis in action and video!

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