This blind therapy dog ​​holds his mistress's hand before being euthanized

Smiley has spent her life comforting others. But after a tough battle with cancer, he breathed his last breath, disrupting the entire web.

This extraordinary Golden Retriever was born without eyes and a cloud that always gave him a smile on his face . His name was obvious: Smiley , and his mission, even more obvious: to communicate his joy of life and that smile to all those who are going through a difficult ordeal. This adorable puppy became therapy dog ​​ and for 12 years he visited sick children in hospitals, specialized institutions and schools, sowing happiness wherever he went.

A dog's love has gone

Alas, Smiley died Sunday after fighting like a heck against cancer. Terribly ill and suffering, with no hope of recovery, he was euthanized to find peace, leaving behind a huge void in the heart of his beloved mistress, Joanne George and all those who followed his adventures. It is through a beautiful photo, full of meaning, that the latter announced the last hours of his companion. We can see Smiley, paw in the hand with his human. "This is the only way to thank him for everything he has done for us. We will let him go tomorrow. He suffered enough.

The next day, she gave him a nice tribute on Instagram. "I hope he runs, free, and finally sees the beauty that surrounds him. I hope he has found new friends and found some old ones. His heart was so great that he could share it with the whole world. Please, in Smiley's honor, look at the world around you, be good to others . A sublime message shared by thousands of Internet users

Born in a puppy mill in Canada where he spent the first two years of his life, he was finally adopted by Joanne George and his family who took it helped to flourish and find his way. His incredible enthusiasm and his gift to reassure people have earned him some success on Instagram where his account was documenting his life and his beautiful actions. In her 12 years of service, Smiley has performed True Miracles and proved to children and adults that it was possible to live a beautiful life despite a disability. Rest in peace Smiley, and on behalf of all those whose life you have sunny, thank you!

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