This bitch was so upset by her abandonment that she spent her days with her head against the

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Angel was left abandoned in a shelter after being abused. She could not overcome this ordeal... Angel, a Greyhound bitch, was totally traumatized by her painful past that ended in abandonment. To the point that she spent her days with her head against the wall

, unable to eat or be interested in anything.

Staff at the PAWS Animal Rescue shelter in Ireland made his best to restore his taste for life, but nothing helped: Angel was dying: A veterinarian said that the poor dog was suffering from hyper-anxiety. The staff of the shelter then redoubled efforts to bring him all the love and care she had never had

. Little by little, Angel started to get better. Veterinarians were pleased with the progress she was making. She even managed to interact with other dogs.

She also became more and more energetic and playful. And then, Angel finally took a liking to the visits of potential adopters who went to the shelter. Her face seemed to light up each time one of them stopped in front of her. Until the day when, in turn, she was adopted

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