This bald Bulldog does not look like this today!

Lilou was suffering from scabies, but today she is more beautiful than ever.

No one has ever really known where Lilou came from, but his look said a lot. Just 7 months old, the little Bulldog bitch wandered the streets of California, the body totally devastated by scabies . So much so that his coat was only crusts. To top it off, Lilou also had a respiratory infection.

A new chance for Lilou

Fortunately for Lilou, she was supported by the association Love Leo Rescue. Placed in emergency in a family of reception, the small dog received numerous treatments to cure her scabies. After several days, her hair began to fall so much that she looked like a little pink pig .

After several weeks, her fur began to grow back and in December 2015 Lilou could be placed for adoption

A family for life

When she learns that Lilou is available for adoption, Cora Frazer does not hesitate a second and asks to meet her. It must be said that she followed since the very beginning the story of this bald puppy. Following this meeting, she then proposes to adopt the dog , with the agreement of his darling also fell in love with Lilou.

So in January 2016 that Lilou joined his new family and has developed his passion for cuddling and hiking. In this new family , she now lives with two other dogs she loves.

Today, two years after her adoption, Lilou is another dog, totally different from the one she was when she was rescued. Lively and full of joy, Lilou is happy on legs, and it is really nice to see.

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