This baited bait dog offers its first smile to its rescuers

"He realizes that there are people who love him.

In a rugged corner of Memphis, a dog covered with bites was found stuck behind a dumpster. The dog was in a really worrisome state , so the Streetdog Foundation went on the scene to rescue him and give him a second chance in life.

Once there, the volunteers quickly find the dog named Liam, but fail to reach him and even less to get him out of behind the bucket. Finally, a volunteer manages to put a leash around her neck, but the dog refuses to move and walk . Not wanting to drag him because of his wounds too important, it was necessary to find another solution.

Prostrate in a corner, the dog does not move an inch when a volunteer ends up approaching him for take him away from this nightmare.

Very Impressive Wounds

If no one really knows what happened to poor Liam, the members of the association think he was used as bait dog in dog fighting . Her body was completely covered with bites, and one of her paws was so bitten that she was totally inert and infected.

Immediately taken to the emergency room, Liam is cared for by veterinarians who rehydrate and cleans his many wounds. They also give him antibiotics, without being sure that the dog will spend the night.

"All his spirit was broken . He had totally abandoned, and that was what worried us a lot.

But everyone was determined to fight for him. And the miracle took place by dint of talking to him, pampering him and giving him a little love

A first smile

Today still hospitalized for his too many injuries Liam started fighting again and wagging his tail! He even offered his first smile to his saviors who could not believe how far the poor dog had traveled. And because Liam probably never had toys for him, everyone decided to give him gifts !

Even though he's still far from being fully recovered, each day Liam goes better and better and proves it by his good humor

The proof that love and patience really make miracles .

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