This adorable dog does the dead not to leave the park (Video)

Some dogs have a lot of ideas!

Last weekend, when everyone was enjoying a nice day out for a walk, a man filmed an absolutely hilarious scene. On this video, we can see a man trying to convince his dog to go to go home, in vain.

A bitch who is dead as a person

Not at all determined to leave the park where she was obviously having a good time, this adorable little dog has died for several minutes under the amused and fascinated look of many passers who have obviously loved this little girl scene of disobedience!

Kristen Bohlsen

And the more the teacher seems to insist on advancing it, the more the dog rolls on his back and stops moving. A scene that has made everyone happy (except perhaps the master)! Finally, after a few long minutes, the dog decided to cooperate and move forward. Phew

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