This adorable baby squirrel with a disability will make you crack

Being unable to run, jump or even walk when you are a squirrel is a real handicap. Soryn knows something about it: this baby squirrel would not have survived long in the wild.

Collected by Squirrel Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Squirrel Sanctuary located in South Carolina (USA) States), Soryn was adopted by Laura Ross, its founder. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned since the little squirrel quickly developed a metabolic bone disease, making all its movement difficult. " When he got home, he had abscesses on his nose and paws, and an untreated urinary tract infection ," said Laura Ross at The Dodo.

Soryn was "horrible" when he was rescued - © Squirrel Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary

New lack of luck for the poor squirrel: the rehabilitation he received was ineffective. Soryn was then partially paralyzed . But over the months, through love and attention, Laura Ross has managed to treat all the diseases and infections of her little protégé. Pampered, he was " very docile and pleasant to live ", said his savior.

The baby squirrel has been cared for - © Squirrel Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary

Soryn s' is also made some friends of his kind, including Kiersey, who is a female squirrel permanently residing in the sanctuary. Kersey suffers from a brain development disorder. She, too, has motor difficulties . The little squirrel couple was so well!

Kersey and Soryn - © Squirrel Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary

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