This 16-kilogram cat has found a family to love and shape

The photo of Symba, an obese cat supported by an American shelter and available for adoption had toured the web and the suitors to offer him a new home and a new life shoved.

The Humane Rescue Alliance of New York has chained the surprises in a few days thanks to Symba . His master having moved to a retirement home and no relatives can not take over, he was sent two weeks ago to one of the centers of the association. If the team had been warned that the cat was overweight, she did not expect it to be so huge. The 6-year-old red tabby was indeed the largest cat that was greeted by the center and weighed not less than 16 kg !

Larger than a cub

This obesity put his life in danger and he could not take more than a few steps without being out of breath. Once he made his mark in the shelter, he started a diet combining diet and exercise. He is fed once every 12 hours in food games to slow down the ingestion and has learned to walk in a cat wheel for physical exertion. Its fitness will require time, patience and love but Symba is very cooperative, voluntary and especially full of tenderness.

To promote its adoption, Humane Rescue Alliance had published last week some photos of him, explaining his condition well. Against all odds, the clichés went around the Web and dozens of people showed up to adopt it while others supported the cat in his training through nice messages. On Friday, Symba finally found a new family who will take care of him and help him regain his fitness weight.

A new life for Symba

Kiah Berkeley has waited 3h in front of the shelter before its opening to be sure to be the first to come forward to adopt but other people had made the trip. The American, her husband and daughter are very happy to welcome him to the family and will do everything to help him in his transformation with the valuable advice of veterinarians. What is certain is that it will be well surrounded and will be filled, cuddles especially!

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