They were celebrating a bachelor party when a wandering bitch invited herself to the party... for an incredible reason

Mitchel Craddock celebrated his bachelor party with his friends in Tennessee (USA) when a mysterious wandering bitch interrupted the party...

Mitchel Craddock would have certainly imagined that his bachelor party would be like this. While having a good time with his friends in a cabin in the woods, a wandering dog came knocking on their door, certainly attracted by the smell of food.

They discover Puppies!

Immediately, the young men saw that she was malnourished and that she had probably had babies, because of her dilated nipples. They decided to call her Annie and follow her into the woods. That's where they found in a hole... puppies ! A litter of seven puppies, more exactly, all covered with dirt and fleas.

© Mitchel Craddock

Against all odds, the rest of the weekend was not as festive as it had to be . The boys decided to postpone the festivities... it was much more important to take care of all these nonsense. They were eight men and there were eight dogs (the mother and her seven cubs). So naturally, each decided to adopt u n. Now all dogs have someone to count on... for the best and the worst!

© Mitchel Craddock

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