They throw a dog into the flames, but a detail has changed everything

Polo was very lucky because the story could have ended very badly...

It all starts on a Sunday in May in a very small town in Canada. While he was not asking anyone, a poor 8-month-old puppy named Polo was caught by local children who decided to throw him in the fire. Probably just to have fun.

Unfortunately for Polo, his masters had nothing to treat him on the spot, not even the running water and they had to ride more than 600 kilometers to get him treated by a veterinarian

A puppy in very bad condition

Polo was so burned all over his body, that the vet could not even distinguish his race. Polo was admitted to a clinic urgently to treat his second-degree burns and numerous wounds all over his body. But things could have been even worse. Because an important detail played in the favor of Polo according to the veterinarians who could observe it: its fur quite consequent .

With time and a lot of care, Polo finally recovered from his wounds. Subsequently, his teachers decided to adopt it so that children guilty of this act (aged only 10 and 12 years) of great cruelty can never again hurt him. Car the children in question we act in this way to martyrize the little master of Polo...

Today, Polo lives in Vancouver in a loving family and he has regained all his joie de vivre. A real little beating

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