They take their cat to a shelter and make a request that will upset everyone

Odin asked to be loved

It all starts when a family goes to a shelter with their kitten named Odin. The kitten - then barely a year old - is presented as a cat with behavioral problems and much too energetic on a daily basis . In short, a cat that this family has a hard time managing and they want to get rid of as quickly as possible.

A very cruel request

Without hesitation for a long time, the family even asks the members of the shelter if it is possible to euthanize little Odin. A request that absolutely shocks everyone and is obviously denied by members of the shelter.

"Everybody was horrified at the idea that we could want to get rid of a kitten precisely because it behaves like a kitten.

On arriving at the refuge, poor Odin was in a sad state and had undoubtedly been neglected for a good while. He was so infected that the members of the shelter made the decision to remove him so that he would not suffer anymore. This is how Odin became one-eyed , hence his name.

Despite his absence, the members of the shelter knew that Odin would make an absolutely great cat in a family. magnetic. Placed in a foster family, Odin did not put in a long time before changing completely of life.

A family for Odin

It is a friend of the foster mother of Odin who decided to to adopt him after having met him. Upset by the story of Odin, the young woman does not hesitate a second and takes the cat with her to his new life in his home .

Since his arrival in his new home Every day, Odin makes the happiness of his new masters who can not believe that someone may have wanted to abandon a love ball like him one day. Lazy, affectionate and playful, Odin is undoubtedly the perfect cat and today he leads the life he has always dreamed of.

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