They steal a dog, but when they understand who it belongs to, they report

More fear than harm.

A few days ago, a family in Australia was robbed. Burglars have stolen a laptop, an iPad, jewels and the worst in all this history: the Labrador puppy that the family had just adopted ! An adorable little ball of hair named Sasha to which everyone was very attached, especially Maya, a girl aged 4.

Worried about the health of the puppy who is not yet totally vaccinated and who is likely to suffer from malnutrition and dehydration, the family contacts the police for help and find Sasha as quickly as possible. Quickly, this call becomes viral on social networks where everyone announces that a girl is desperately waiting for her puppy to be returned.

A touching reunion

And one morning, around 7 am, the miracle happened! Sasha was back in the family garden, as if he had never left. The burglars had deposited him a few hours earlier , without saying anything and before fleeing again. If the family is well aware that it is not their call for help that made the burglars change their minds, but the media coverage of the whole affair, they are very happy to find their puppy. And their daughter even more!

A touching reunion to see below.

After a visit to the vet, Sasha was able to return home and find his little life.

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