They see a dog tied up and do not come back when they discover what he is hiding

The bitch was tied to a tree, abandoned to certain death and hid a big secret.

Lara is a Pitbull female who has not had an easy life. Abandoned in a forest in Greece, attached to a tree without food or water, the bitch was sentenced to certain death . Even if they knew about it, the people in the neighborhood decided not to act, frightened by Lara.

Lara was left on her own and totally lonely. It is therefore attached to her tree in the forest that she gave birth - only - four puppies in good health. A true miracle of life. In severe malnutrition and dehydration, Lara still managed to keep her puppies alive for 10 long days , until help arrived.

When help finally arrived to help him, they were very surprised to discover four puppies hidden behind the dog. Three of the puppies were in good health, while one of them had unfortunately not survived...

Taken away from this nightmare in a host family, the small family was able to resume forces and find a calm and secure environment where no one lacked anything.

One thing is certain: Lara is a real heroine who did everything to save her children from a dark destiny.

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