They see a dog in front of a shopping center with a sign, approach and do not come back

The dog did not even have a leash, and did not move a paw.

Jackson is a lovely three year old Golden Retriever who was adopted into a shelter in 2011 by his new dad named Steve. But Jackson is not quite a classic dog , it's a dog that everyone would dream to have!

A few days after being adopted into a shelter, Jackson went out for a walk with his master who had to do some shopping in a big shopping center. Can not take his dog with him inside the shops, Steve decides to leave Jackson in front of , in the street, without even taking the time to tie him.

A dog who stops the dogs Passers by

Seeing this dog alone in the street, many passersby were taken aback. Many of them decided to go see the dog more closely because a sign was hanging on his neck . On this sign, you could read the following: "My dad asked me to wait here. So it's me waiting.

Under the spell of this dog so wise that he waits for his master without needing to be tied while remaining very calm, many people came to caress him and talk to him. And while Steve was thrilled to see the success of his dog, he was also surprised: "Everyone wanted to take him. I found it unbelievable when you know that nobody wanted it there are still a few weeks of it while he was in his refuge.

Of course, Jackson did not become so patient in a few hours, so Steve did a lot of training for several weeks to get that incredible result. But today, the brave dog is able to wait quietly while his master is doing something else, even in the middle of the street!

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