They save two stray dogs, one of them shows them something and it is the shock

The two dogs lived in a yard, totally left to themselves in the middle of the waste.

Never under - estimate the love of a mother for her child. Even when it comes to a dog. Recently, the Baltimore City SPA received a call about two dogs in a yard. A courtyard completely filled with various and varied waste. Between two piles of waste lived Goldilocks and Joe .

Once on the spot, the SPA approaches the dogs to place them in safety. But Goldilocks seems to want their to show something and refuses to leave . Carefully looking through the garbage, rescuers see three puppies as young as two weeks old. Real little miraculas.

The masters of Goldilocks and Joe died several weeks ago, and no one around has done anything to help the two poor dogs now alone in the world. They then had to survive in the garbage while keeping their puppies alive .

Now safe, the small family of dogs was placed in a foster family where everyone receives as much love and care as needed . In a few weeks, everyone will be offered for adoption and all these dogs will have the right to a new chance in life.

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