They save a tiny kitten, 3 months later no one believes his eyes

Time sometimes works wonders.

It's in Oregon that a cat mom called Muse and her kitten named Selene have been found. Rescued by the Cat Adoption Team, both cats were safe and supported. But to everybody's surprise, the little kitten who was 5 days old was only the size of a newborn baby.

A new start

Selene and Muse were quickly placed under the guard of Shelby, a young woman who serves as a foster family. She then realizes that Muse the mother no longer produces milk and can not feed Selene who needs to be fed by syringe.

Despite its very small size, Selene is determined to fight and never complains, even when she has to take her milk in a syringe.

From day to day, Selene becomes more attached to her surrogate mother and constantly claims that Shelby hold her against her to reassure her. That's how they became inseparable. To help Selene socialize, Shelby brought other kittens to her house who showed her how to play and be a real little cat! In a few days, Selene knew how to eat alone and play!

A change of size

After only 6 weeks of care, Selene had already taken 6 times the weight she weighed when she arrived . A real little fighter. Once ready for adoption, the little ball of hair has found its new family for life in a few minutes.

Today, Selene (now Raven) lives surrounded by her new humans. a little boy and a guinea pig. A new life full of love for this little kitten so brave

Among his favorite activities, Raven loves to kisses the guinea pig, but also play in his house and especially stick against the neck of his humans for long sessions of hugs

And against all expectations, Raven is become a big and beautiful cat Hard to imagine now as it was tiny...

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