They save a kitten in danger of death and notice something very special

A real little survivor!

Emmit and his brothers were found in bushes, almost dead . Just two weeks old, the kittens were immediately taken to the vet. Unfortunately, Emmit's brothers died a few hours later. Emmit continued to cling to life.

In order for him to be properly cared for, Emmit was sent to the Milo's Sanctuary Association in California. For two long weeks, the kitten was on infusion of drugs to treat and monitored continuously. No one knew if he would survive or not .

It was upon his arrival in the association that the volunteers noticed something a little special about the kitten. Not only did he have a small cleft palate, but he also had difficulty walking normally.

"He has mild cerebellar hypoplasia , he walks shaking a little and has trouble jumping. but he tries with all his strength.

A new life for Emmit and a girlfriend

Quickly, Emmit befriended another sick little cat. The two friends quickly became inseparable and we rarely see each other without the other.

Even if he is still small with a split nose and a wobbly gait , Emmit is a real little fighter who did everything to stay alive and have a new chance in life. Today, he grows slowly and takes a little more strength each day before he can finally find a family for life and receive all the love he deserves.

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