They save a cat in the street, and quickly understand that there is a problem

Fortunately, Whisper was in the right place at the right time.

Nine months ago, Justin Caffier and Erica Kim came across a stray black cat in the street. To help this little ball of hair, the couple contacts the association Friends for Life RescueNetwork because they can not take care of it at the moment. This is how Jacqueline got to know this kitten who had only the skin on the bones and was covered with fleas .

Jacqueline then accompanies the kitten to the vet so that it is rehydrated and treated against fleas. On the spot, the little cat also receives the name Whisper because her very weak meow surprised everybody on the spot

A new life for Whisper

A week later, the couple was return from vacation to recover the little Whisper. They immediately offered to be a foster family for her until she found her family for life.

Once in her new home, Whisper gradually takes its marks but quickly Justin and Erica notice that something is wrong: the little cat does not seem to respond to any sound. After several exams, they finally discover that Whisper is deaf

After a few days of care, the little cat found the sound of her voice and her meowing became stronger. She has also begun to follow her new humans absolutely everywhere. So much so that they finally decided to adopt it definitively and to rename it Mahgi.

Today - several months after its adoption - Mahgi is happier than ever and has metamorphosed into a beautiful pussy . Thanks to this big-hearted couple, Mahgi could be rescued, but she also found her family for life.

A beautiful meeting.

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