They save a cat, find his master and do not believe their ears!

The cat was locked up for a week in an abandoned house...

Discovering that a cat is locked in a house abandoned for years, residents of a district of Bishop in England decided to contact the SPA immediately to help the tomcat visibly terrified.

"The house was empty for several years according to neighbors. There was a broken window in the back , that's where TJ the cat had to enter and the window was barred so the cat could not get out, "says a member of the local SPA

The firefighters are then called on the spot to release the cat. They end up opening the window and the cat can be rescued. Totally scared , TJ is very suspicious

A pleasant surprise

By collecting TJ, the SPA discovers through its microchip that it actually belongs to a resident of the neighborhood who has been looking for him for a week . During a moving reunion, master and cat were able to make many hugs and the least we can say is that the TJ human was relieved to find his cat healthy.

Since then, TJ enjoy more than ever before all the comforts of home and human .

"Making your cat suck is the greatest security you can have if is lost one day, so do not hesitate, "insist the members of the SPA who still see too many animals that unfortunately can not be identified...

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