They make of their two Malamutes the witnesses of their marriage and it is too cute (Photos)

The dogs of this couple have done everything for their humans to live the best day of their lives.

For many owners, pets are members full share of the family. It is therefore normal that they attend the great events of our life. For this totally gaga couple of his 3 companions, 2 Malamutes of Alaska, Niko and Phil , and a cat Ragamuffin, Milo, it was inconceivable that their adorable hairballs do not participate in the most beautiful day of their life. Because they share everything with them, they even gave them a very important role in their marriage. The two dogs have thus become the witnesses of their humans.

Perfect witnesses

Niko and Phil, each adorned with a small ceremonial accessory (a flower necklace and a tuxedo butterfly), have taken their mission very seriously. They were irreproachable all day and all evening, welcomed and entertained the guests, danced with all the guests and posed for official photos with their masters. They were also in the first row when the two lovebirds officially said "yes".

If Milo the cat could not come because he does not like the crowd, he was still present, of a some way! Like his masters and his two canine companions, he was in miniature on the traditional wedding cake . We wish them all the best!

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