They lived with 60 animals including 10 cats and 22 dogs in 10 m²

A brother and a sister aged 46 and 49 cohabiting with about sixty animals in a room of 10 m² in Plouézec, Brittany. The gendarmerie intervened Friday, helped by the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

Taking care of sixty animals is already not easy. But in a single room of 10m ², this is impossible. These two inhabitants of Plouézec, near Paimpol, have probably learned the hard way this Friday, when gendarmes arrived at their home .

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It was there, in a tiny room of 10m ², that were found ten cats, 22 dogs including four puppies, rats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, and a chinchilla, all living together in the same nauseating species with their owners. Some of them had been locked in the dark for two years. The food was scattered on the floor, in the middle of the dirt. " The hamsters had begun digging tunnels in faeces ," said the head nurse, who was taken care of by a family member. His brother, meanwhile, was hospitalized. The animals were cared for by the 30 Million Friends Foundation

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In 2013 already, about twenty dogs and cats had been removed to these people thanks to the intervention from a local association. Since then, the situation had only worsened, proof, once again, of laxity of the authorities...

Noah's syndrome

Although we do not know it more about this brother and this sister, it may be suggested that they both suffer from Noah's syndrome. Little known, this mental illness consists of possessing more pets than can be harbored r, feeding and caring. People with this syndrome do not realize the harm they can do to their animals; they are attached to it and do not want to part with it, they think well and deny their inability to care for their animals.

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