They let their puppy a few months die right in front of their door

Nothing could be done to save the poor animal... Attention, the photos can shock.

It is in the month of June in Reunion a Malinese puppy a few months old was found dying in front of the door of a house . An absolutely horrible scene that caused a wave of emotion

A neighbor gives the alert

It is a neighbor who contacted the association the Ark of Freyja seeing the dog dying at his door, without anyone worrying about it or coming to help him one way or another. Immediately, a person is sent on site to see the condition of the dog who is quickly taken to the vet, but it was already too late ... The dog died under the helpless eyes of the one who came help him

Totally dehydrated, anemic and hypothermic , the puppy was in poor health before his death

Shocked by this discovery and by the death of the dog, the Freyja's Ark is actively searching for the culprit in this dark affair of maltreatment. While waiting to find him, the dog was named Angel so that he still has a name...

Below, the post of the association. Beware pictures are shocking

Freyja's Ark

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