They found a cat behind their door and did not notice a small detail

A very nice meeting.

There A few days ago, a family was surprised to hear scratching at the door for a few minutes. And it was by going out to see what was happening that the family members discovered a cat, totally frozen and hungry, who was asking for help when the temperature was -25 degrees in Canada today -the. Unable to leave this poor tomcat outside, the family decides to let him in so that he can warm up and have a good meal .

"He was frozen and hungry. He swallowed all his food in a few seconds and cuddled us.

A small difference

A few minutes after opening the cat, the couple notices a little detail like no other on its legs: one of its legs is deformed in such a way that it looks like the cat is the Vulcan salute as in the Star Trek series. That's why they decide to give it the name of Spock .

Whether or not Spock has a family, the couple decides to take him to the vet for look for a possible chip, but he does not have one. The couple then places several posters, but nobody answers either .

"It's been over a month that he's with us, but no one has asked for it. As we love it, we decided to keep it.

It must be said that the contact is immediately passed between the cat and the couple. Very quickly, Spock started to take his habits in his new home and to make tons of hugs to his new humans.

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