They find a tiny kitten packed in a towel a few weeks later...

The kitten was right in front of their door

A few weeks ago, a family in Louisiana opened their door and found a tiny kitten in very bad shape in front of them. Packed in a towel , the kitten was scared to death and obviously needed a good bath and a good meal.

"His eyes had cysts and he was malnourished.

They then immediately bring the kitten warm in their home. Emaciated and exhausted, the kitten was really in a bad state. The family then decides to give him a good bath, and remove dozens of chips in passing. After this well deserved bath, they pack the kitten in a blanket to give it warm and prepares a good bowl for him to recover .

A new life for Soul Patch

After a few weeks to be fed every hour and to be able to rest properly, the kitten now named Soul Patch starts to get better . His eyes are now completely open and he has even begun to regain weight!

Today, Soul Patch is a little cat love that makes the happiness of his new family where he is pampered as he deserves. He even became friends with the other cat in the house and now spend long hours playing and crazy in the house.

In short, a new and well-earned life .

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