They find a lost dog and show ingenuity to find his master

Hunter in Moulidars, Charente, Michel had a sad episode last December. During a hunting party, his dog Extra missed the call when his master called him back.

He was lost.

The days go by and Extra does not does not come back, impossible to know where he went.

Near 7 months later , Michel made a reason: he will never see his faithful companion again, as reported on the site Charente Libre .

However, a few days ago, a couple living in Bonneville, 20 kilometers from Moulidars, contacted Michel by phone.

According to them, Michel's dog is at home since the month of May , and they feed it without being able to approach it!

How to identify a cowardly dog?

The couple understood that the animal that prowled near their home in search of food is not a stray dog ​​but a lost dog . Arrived in May, it seemed very weak.

So the couple, already owner of two Fox terrier bitch, fed the animal without ever being able to seize it nor to look at its medal. The poor man is far too timid.

However, the animal quickly made friends with the two bitches of the couple and even accompanied them on a ride.

So they waited patiently. Until the day when Extra ate outside in his bowl on his stomach. They quickly seized a pair of binoculars and noted the phone number written on the medal.

They were finally able to contact Michel, the master of Extra. But again, everything was not easy.

A dog became suspicious

Extra did not immediately give his confidence to his master whom he had lost for months.

Approaching him with a bowl of food will not have been enough; he had to come back with another dog from the pack so that Extra would agree to approach him.

In all, Extra will have traveled 100 kilometers from the forest in which he lost himself, and will have wandered nearly 5 months before electing to live with this Bonneville couple. We can say that this animal has the soul of a survivor .