They find a freezer bag in front of their door and have a huge surprise opening it

The life of Spencer was in grave danger.

As they returned home late, people saw an abandoned bag not far from their door. A freezer bag. Astonished, they decide to go see what it is and gently open the bag which is closed by a zip. And here is the shock .

In the bag is a black and white cat visibly terrified waiting to be rescued. Aware that the situation is urgent , they decide to call the local SPA to get help.

An adorable hairball

That's how Kate Wright arrived on the spot to get to know the poor cat who was only seven months old. Another baby. Immediately, the cat is friendly and warm, without the slightest trace of aggression. He is neither sterilized nor identified .

When taken to a shelter, the cat is named Spencer and all the people who cross his path keep asking a question: how is it possible to abandon such an adorable cat in such a cruel way? But as the cat is not identified, its masters will undoubtedly be very hard to find.

It's hard to know since when Spencer was locked in his freezer bag, but one thing is certain: he was hungry when he got out and he was very lucky because he could have been found much less quickly.

Soon, Spencer will be proposed for adoption. Meanwhile, the SPA always look for the culprit of his abandonment that took place in Potters Bar in England.

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