They fight to keep the dog watching over their handicapped child

Dylan will be separated from Tascha, the dog who watches over him since 6 years ? The story of this child from Brandenburg, Germany, is upsetting . Since he was born, the 10-year-old boy is now in a vegetative coma.

Six years ago, his parents adopted Tascha, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has come every morning to visit him on his bed . He licks his face, sometimes lifts his blanket, stays with him for a moment.

A dangerous dog?

But now, Tascha fought with the neighbor's dog, bit him and hurt him. Since that incident, the authorities have wanted to remove the dog from its owners because of its "dangerousness."

Dylan's parents, Eckhard and Barbara Gerzmehlem, are totally helpless. Convinced of the benefits this dog provides to their child, they are determined to fight to keep their 4-legged companion.

" This boy needs Tascha "

In their fight, they can count on the support of tens of thousands of Internet users . The Facebook page that Eckhard and Barbara created to tell their story brings together more than 100,000 people. And nearly 60,000 people in the four corners of the world have signed the petition launched to overturn the decision of the authorities.

" When Tascha is near him, Dylan is much calmer , his pulse and breathing relax , explains the little boy's father.

The Erna Graf Institute for Animal Protection also supports the Gerzmehlem family. " This boy needs Tascha " says his president Eisenhard von Löper.