They euthanize their dog, 6 months later they go on Facebook and do not come back!

A Credible Story

Things were not easy for the Coates family when their dog Zoey got sick. The female Boxer was only a shadow of herself and her state seemed to be getting worse by the day . Then, a huge tumor appeared on his neck.

Not wanting her children to see their dog wither, Tawny Coates makes the decision to have her euthanized because there is obviously nothing to do. She then asks her father to do it because she does not have the courage. That's how Tawny Coates' father went to a veterinary office to euthanize poor Zoey .

That's where the whole story gets complicated.

differing opinions

According to Tawny Coates' father, the vet agreed to euthanize the dog. He even has an invoice proving that he paid for the intervention and a message of condolence. For his part, the veterinarian explained that he had explained that there was something else to do and that the dog could still live for many years while being quite happy.

It is six months after this "euthanasia" that the Coates family decides it's time to take a new dog. And it will still be a Boxer, so much they loved Zoey. By surfing on Facebook pages of shelters in the region, is the shock . Tawny immediately recognizes Zoey on one of the adoption dog pictures!

A touching reunion

She then contacted the vet who had to euthanize the dog in order to understand this incredible situation. This is where the vet says he made an ethical choice, but said he should have told the family. Rather than using the money to euthanize Zoey, the vet preferred to pay with an operation to give him a second chance .

A story that ends well for everyone since Zoey was able to to return home for the greatest happiness of the whole family Coates as surprised as delighted to find their dog.

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