They bury their dog, but 14 hours later it stands in front of their door

An incredible story!

It Twenty-seven years ago, on a cold October day, a family experienced a real drama: Mugsy, their four-year-old Jack Russell, was overthrown by a car. But the story of Mugsy was far from over... And it was on the set of Oprah Winfrey's show that she was told.

A terrible accident

While his wife Viola is at work, Glenn is in the garden where he is watching his children. Suddenly, he notices that Mugsy is no longer near him and hears a terrible noise. Mugsy had just been knocked over. After taking his children home, Glenn rushes to his dog but quickly finds that his heart no longer beats. He then takes the body of his beloved dog and will quickly bury him in his garden.

"I was really shocked. I buried him very quickly without saying anything to the children. I waited for the evening meal to tell them the news.

The whole family then farewells to Mugsy before going to bed

A real miracle

The next morning, Glenn is awakened by scratches near his door. 'Entrance. He decides to go see, opens and does not return. In front of him is Mugsy. It was a true miracle . Glenn's wife immediately thinks that another dog has been buried, but not at all. Going into the garden, they find the "tomb" empty.

In reality, if the vet is to be believed, the dog is obviously never dead. His heart rate was probably just very slow after his accident, which misled Glenn. The dog then simply scraped the little earth he had above him to return home.

Below, you can discover this incredible story on video.

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