These rabbits "just rewrite the history books"!

A few weeks ago, we told you the story of Migaloo , the first archeologist dog. But this beautiful dog has competition: a whole family of... rabbits!
The famous balls of hair with big ears live on the Land's End tourist site in Cornwall. It is the extreme southwestern point of Great Britain. And thanks to them, the archaeologists of Big Heritage have made exciting discoveries. In fact, rabbits have discovered by digging their burrows, simply, objects dating back some 8000 years . Among them, arrowheads and flint tools

Gold Bunnies It seems that important people were buried here thousands of years ago - probably because of the breathtaking view. We had a one in a million chance that rabbits would make such an amazing discovery " tells Daily Mirror Dean Peaton, the leader of the team sent to the

" They have dug two small burrows next to each other, and all these treasures have been dug out of the ground. a real gold mine. A family of rabbits has just rewritten the history books , he exclaims.
And the lagomorphs are following the progress of the research closely . In true archeology enthusiasts, the "" rabbits are very curious and go out to see what we are doing , says the researcher.

Near the amusement park at Land's End, a treasure hunt christened "archeobunnies" (archeolapins) may soon see the light of day. This is in any case what would like to set up the team of Big Heritage.
The story does not say on the other hand if the small family was rewarded for its work, with carrots for example...