These miniature cat furniture are really too hot! (Photos)

A group of Japanese craftsmen have come up with furniture for our feline companions, and c is so cute

Pet furniture is definitely worth it! While the Swedish giant IKEA created the buzz by launching a collection of niches, beds, cushions and other accessories for dogs and cats, new creations straight from Japan are promised the same viral destiny.

Minis and too mimis

Imagined by the Okawa Kagu collective of Japanese craftsmen, this magnificent collection consists of two pieces, a bed in dark wood and a sofa in pine wood, reduced to feline scale. If your cat already loves your furniture, he will appreciate even more furniture adapted to his size but still comfortable.

This initiative aims to conquer the pet market but especially to showcase the know-how unique in the region of Fukuoka where 150 craftsmen make it live. The prices of these beautiful furniture are not communicated on Okawa Kagu website (but available on request) but you want to order a copy, do not throw cartons in which it will be sent. As cozy as this bed and this miniature sofa, a box will always be an irresistible attraction!

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