These employees who can borrow a cat for their working day

Offer to those who are not lucky enough to have a purring machine at home the pleasure of spending time with a cat: this is a concept that continues to spread around the world. Cats have blossomed everywhere, other ideas are born, like in Dona Ana County, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where government employees can borrow a cat to keep them company during their working day

A break, a cat!

This program was set up in partnership with a local animal shelter, which "lends" felines with special needs. "We have blind cats, who have been abused and abandoned" explains on Reddit Tillany Tillison, one of the employees of Dona Ana County.

Cats are installed in a dedicated room, nicknamed the cat library by those who have the pleasure of interacting with them every day

On average, five cats are available at the same time and employees can go play with them or take them to their office. As for those who are allergic? No problem, says Tiffany, as long as everyone respects his office neighbor.

One hundred adopted felines

"There is an armchair in the condo for those who wish to take a break and spend time with cats. My office neighbor is allergic, so I just make sure to wash my hands and use an adhesive brush before coming back and he has never had any problems."

In addition to providing a presence soothing to county employees, this project helps cats socialize and find families , says Tiffany.

And the young woman is well positioned to say that since she is one of those who adopted one of the cats at the Animal Care Center of Mesilla Valley. A hundred more have been adopted since the launch of the program three years ago. "Hundreds of people pass by our hall every day, they can not miss them!"