These dogs playing together will undoubtedly liven up your day!

Just because there is nothing more beautiful and more fun than seeing adorable happy canines and playing together...

Last week, Matt Buckmaster, took Penelope, his little Italian greyhound, to an indoor play facility in Seattle. And the little dog was quickly friends with whom to play. It is then a chase that starts between the animals through the tunnel.

In addition to being a good exercise in relaxation, this day at the games room was also a way for Penelope's master to help his young dog to socialize . Puppy socialization is a very important phase of her life, especially with respect to her relationship with others. Indeed, a poorly socialized puppy will not react properly with his congeners: aggression, fear, submission,... and as for children, this phase goes through the game!

A method that has proven effective for Matt: " Penelope likes to play with other dogs. She is the most receptive Italian leper whom no one has ever seen, and it is often said to me! Penelope wins so much in socialization. She is a perfect example of the benefits of this gaming room, "he actually delivered to The Dodo . The owner will have offered his dog a nice and busy day: new friends , many games and full of love !

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