These 20 times that cats have proved that they really have a heart

Suffering from a bad reputation, cats are not spoiled by humans. And yet...

Perceived as vile, uncaring and a little selfish, cats are unfortunately not unanimous in the hearts of everyone. But the trend is changing with respect to these beliefs: greedy, very endearing and basically, really adorable, they are gradually succeeding in changing consciences.

The proof by 20!

1. A cat ? It is a plush but better!

2. And it's also an amazing gaming partner.

3. He is always following you everywhere.

4. No matter what activity you do!

5. He never hesitates to bring a little tenderness...

6. Better than a nanny? A cat!

7. He is the best dream partner in the world.


8. And watch better than anyone else on your sleep

9. He is also a true guardian angel.

Facebook - Liel Ainmar Assayag

10. Then a bodyguard too.

11. By the way, who is more patient than a cat?


12. And more attentive? There's no.


13. Few animals are smarter than a tomcat


14. Then... who will bear to read with you if not him?


15. A cat appreciates Art. Yes, even yours.

Facebook - Iris Grace Painting

16. And all cats do not hate water!


17. Especially in the company of their favorite human


18. No, fidelity is not just the preserve of dogs

19. No matter how old you are, a cat will always love you...

20. Until the end of her days (and even after)

Facebook - © 伊 原 美 代 子 / Miyoko Ihara

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