Therapy dogs sent to victims of the Las Vegas shooting

Just hours after the attack that killed at least 59 In Las Vegas, 527 were injured and 527 were wounded, Therapy Dogs went on site to support the survivors and families of the victims.

17 therapy dogs arrived in Las Vegas this week from all the countries. Some traveled from Nebraska or Illinois to be at the bedside of victims of the Las Vegas killings. The group at the origin of this operation is at the LCC: Lutheran Church Charities

Dogs go to hospitals and schools

In recent days, dogs have gone local hospitals to bring comfort to the wounded, the families affected by the tragedy, and medical staff. Their gentle and caring presence has brought some joy to this terrible ordeal that the Americans are going through.

The dogs have also visited schools in the area to help children deal with this tragedy, and make them forget about this trauma.

Dogs are a source of appeasement, an attentive ear and they never judge. We can give them everything without fear or restraint, and that is why they help to heal the wounds. In tribute to the victims of the shooting, dogs were present.

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