The wedding of Hudson and Chelsea, two adorable Dachshunds (Video of the day)

The wedding season is not quite over yet. Some have chosen the beautiful month of September to celebrate their love. And not only humans! A few days ago, a truly adorable couple united in the United States at a ceremony that certainly did not miss a dog !

Hudson and Chelsea, two Dachshunds, have said "woof" in front of all their friends , of course dressed for the occasion of their finery. This wedding was really all of a real wedding!

A Bulldog led the ceremony with a master paw. Lovely tables were set up and a dance floor was used for dog games. But the moment that the newlyweds and their guests preferred was naturally tasting the cake !

Live in pictures this very romantic day:

#hudsonloveschelsea from Danni Rivera on Vimeo .

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