The video that marks 2011 is that of a talking dog (Video of the day)

The most viewed video about the year 2011 in Great Britain is that of a dog that speaks !

Finally, not a dog that speaks like Mishka the Siberian Husky who knows how to say "I love you" but a dog that his master makes speak.

Indeed, he filmed his animal while he made movements with his mouth and added his own voice on the movements of the mouth of the dog.

The man therefore imagined a conversation about food with his dog

He tells his dog that he ate all the good things in the fridge and then he gave the leftovers to the cat . The reaction of the dog is worth gold!

In France, the video did not experience the same success for the simple reason that it is in English. As we are nice, we offer you the subtitled version :

It's cruel to taunt a dog with food, no?

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