The vertiginous rescue of a cat blocked at the window of a building (Video of the day)

When residents of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, discover that a cat is stuck on the edge of a fourth-floor window, they immediately contact the fire brigade to rescue the animal.

But the rescue is more dangerous than expected... While one of the rescuers tries to get down to the rope to recover the little cat, it will panic and fall a level trying to s'

If the waterfall is already very impressive, the cries of witnesses quickly increase the level of stress...

P trifiée, black hair ball ends up flying to the ground . If two firefighters were positioned at the bottom of the building, ready to intercept his arrival smoothly, it is on all fours that he will finally land in style and resume the course of his life.

Rest assured, this little Brazilian is today in full health !

A video of the day high in twists and turns...

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